Paranormal Storytime

Sunday February 16, 2020

The Yard Theatre
Unit 2A, Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN

Elvia Wilk

Swan Meat

Tianzhuo Chen
Wang Newone

Curated by Jared Davis
Presented by AQNB

Paranormal Storytime is an event presented by AQNB examining the aesthetic imagination of horror, the uncanny and mysticism in contemporary visual art, music and digital culture. Featuring a talk by writer Elvia Wilk, a live performance by producer and DJ Swan Meat, as well as a screening of video works by artists Tianzhuo Chen and Wang Newone.

Taking its title from a phenomenon of supernatural stories shared by YouTube vloggers, Paranormal Storytime looks at the digital age’s occult resurgence and neo-gothic tendencies, as well as our fear of the unknown and its relation to technology.

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