Paranormal Storytime


Paranormal Storytime

Sunday February 16, 2020

The Yard Theatre
Unit 2A, Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN
Tickets via Eventbrite: £5 + booking fee

Elvia Wilk

Swan Meat

Tianzhuo Chen
Wang Newone

Curated by Jared Davis
Presented by AQNB

Image credit: Tea Stražičić.

Paranormal Storytime is an event presented by AQNB examining the aesthetic imagination of horror, the uncanny and mysticism in contemporary visual art, music and digital culture. Featuring a talk by writer Elvia Wilk, a live performance by producer and DJ Swan Meat, as well as a screening of video works by artists Tianzhuo Chen and Wang Newone.

Taking its title from a phenomenon of supernatural stories shared by YouTube vloggers, Paranormal Storytime looks at the digital age’s occult resurgence and neo-gothic tendencies, as well as our fear of the unknown and its relation to technology.

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